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  • It was a relief to be able to place my situation in capable hands.

    “I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Slate to anyone. I came to Mr. Dennis Slate with a challenge that seemed impossible. Mr. Slate asked several questions and educated me on the law. After our conversation, Mr. Slate and Ms. Dannielle Simms went into action. It was a relief to be able to place my situation in capable hands. Ms. Simms was always available to answer my questions and provide updates on my case. Her caring and reassurances were greatly appreciated in my times of concern. At trial time I sat back and let Mr. Slate work the law. It was a nothing less than amazing to watch Mr. Slate in action. To say it went well is an understatement. Mr. Slate used his knowledge of the law to expose the truth to the court. I walked out of the courthouse with a huge smile on my face. I would also like to acknowledge the helpfulness of Ms. Dalia Benitez. Ms. Benitez was always there to answer questions, receive documents, and forward messages.”


  • I recommend your life in the hands of Mr. Slate.

    “My case was dismissed thanks to Mr. Slate and the evidence he was able to gather. I would not have been able to gather all of the following data without Mr. Slate and his team of professionals. He obtained evidence that CPS fabricated visitation and phone calls stating that they made specific date and time communications that they did not. He obtained legal documents that show discrepancies of statements made by the accuser between different officials of the state and licensed therapists. Never talk to CPS under any circumstances without talking to Dennis Slate, a family lawyer that specializes in CPS cases. Not all family law attorneys know how to handle CPS cases and will not be prepared as Mr. Slate. If you mess around with these types of cases, you are messing around with your life. Through the education of Mr. Slate and his team, he showed that Sexual Assault charges are worse that being charged with murder. I would still be in jail without the help and support of my family, friends, his team, and absolutely Mr. Slate himself. I recommend your life in the hands of Mr. Slate.”

    Happy Client

  • Dennis owns the court room and demands justice.

    “My wife and I took our daughter in for help and got the tables flipped on us but Dennis help get things straightened out. He was always upfront with us and keep us in the loop.CPS didn't stand a chance. CPS lied and tried to pull some completely shady stuff. Dennis owns the court room and demands justice based on facts not beliefs or opinions from unqualified people.”

    Happy Client

  • I promise you won't be disappointed!

    “Well... To begin having Child Protective Agency (CPS) trying to remove your child unjustly is a psychological burden that can linger on for months, however not having the right counsel can hurt you the most; having the right lawyer is the better option for you and your family especially someone who knows what they are doing inside the court room. We hired Mr. Slate a couple of months ago, and he is very down to earth (someone you can talk to) and above all extremely knowledgeable about the laws and legal system. Moreover, the litigation process is long and tedious but my spouse and I relaxed after hiring this attorney. Mr. Slate will definitely fight for you and your family by all means necessary; his legal services could benefit you in the court room (very strong attorney). I am writing this review to expose this attorney for his excellence and loyalty to his clients- I promise you won't be disappointed! He won a dismissal for us. Thank you Mr Slate !!”


  • Look no further because Dennis Slate is the best attorney in the Houston area.

    “Dennis Slate and his support staff are the most knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and well organized legal team I have ever encountered. Dennis is the man you want on your side when it comes to divorce, child custody, CPS, and any other important family law matter. He is simply the best. He treated my child custody case as if my children's best interests were as important to him as they are to me. He invests the time it takes to learn your case from beginning to end. He asks all the right questions and is phenomenal in depositions as well as in the court room. Mr. Slate is wise, witty, and not afraid to take on anyone. He's experienced, realistic, and an all-around great person. Mr. Slate will be honest with you, up front about any difficulties you may encounter with your case, and does not beat around the bush. You'll never have to try to guess what he's thinking - he will make sure you know. He was able to help me reach a more workable custody agreement even though I felt like the odds were against us. I wouldn't have been able to achieve these results without him. Look no further because Dennis Slate is the best attorney in the Houston area.”

    Karen B.

  • He was a hard fighter for us.

    “We hired Mr. Slate to help us fight CPS for my daughter and her three kids. When he took the case, we could tell he was a no nonsense professional and knew what he was doing. He was very well read and knew and kept up to date on current laws and cases that had been thru the Courts. He was very thorough and left no stone upturned. Going into Court, you could tell he was well known and they knew they had a fight on their hands. He was a hard fighter for us and had a great Court side manner working well with the system and never backed down. After that case my wife and I decided it was best we adopted the children and he handled the private adoptions. He and his staff made the process as easy as possible. And what is surprising, they say you get what you pay for, his rates where so much better/lower than any other Law Firm but we felt like we got the cream of the crop. I would use him again, which we did for executing both our Wills, and would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone.”


  • To Dennis and his entire staff, our family will be forever indebted.

    “Last fall, my husband and I found ourselves in the middle of a child custody case concerning our two granddaughters. Numerous parties were involved in the dispute, including CPS and the courts, and we had extreme concerns for the girls' futures. Our granddaughters were living in different households, and the initial legal representation we hired was not up to the demanding task of reuniting the children. Knowing we had a huge mess on our hands, my husband contacted a trusted friend who was familiar with the Harris County court system. Without hesitation, he responded, "Dennis Slate is him name, you need to call him." This turned out to be the best advice that we had received in a long time. Dennis Slate... Personable? Not so much. Knows family, the law, the system, and all other related entities? Absolutely. Dennis is all business with an expertise and tenacity that were essential to the successful outcome of our case. After over 2 years of battling seemingly ceaseless obstacles, we obtained sole managing conservatorship of our granddaughters, placing them under one roof despite incredible circumstances that had once separated them. To Dennis and his entire staff (especially the tireless Ryann Tighe - Paralegal of the Year in our book), our family will be forever indebted.”

    Rebecca D.

  • Do yourself a favor, trust Dennis Slate and his team to represent you in your time of need.

    “Dennis is very knowledgeable and he knows how to handle the situation, I'm so glad I chose him as my attorney to help me. Ms. DANNIELLE SIMMS did a wonderful job in keeping me updated and also in court. Their help got me my kids and my rights back”


  • If you want to walk into the court room and get the real results that you deserve, then make the drive to Deer Park and hire Slate Law!

    “I was awarded $2.1 million in damages from my ex, along with Primary Custody of my daughter. My ex now pays me child support, and was ordered to pay my legal fees. Slate Law filed a motion for enforcement on my current order and my ex was held in contempt. My case included False abuse claims, CPS involvement, Parental Alienation, Slander, Libel and the team at Slate Law was able to sort through it all. When we went to court, Dennis Slate knew the facts of my case better than I did. Trust me, I went through 5 different lawyers before I found Mr. Slate. I learned the hard way, but this Law Firm did everything they said they would do, and I was billed honestly, and fairly. Don't be fooled by the practical style and location of the office. If you want to overpay for a "Big-City Do Nothing Lawyer" with a fancy office, you are in the wrong spot. If you want to walk into the court room and get the real results that you deserve, then make the drive to Deer Park and hire Slate Law!”


  • Epitome of integrity and awesome.

    “We had to use Mr. Slate on a case and he was phenomenal. Him and his office staff are amazing and always responsive to any questions or concerns. Dennis knew our case and the applicable law like the back of his hand. If you ever have a family law issue or CPS issue go consult with him at a minimum. He will tell you what he thinks and not sugar coat it. I love that. His fees are reasonable and worth every penny. I actually felt like we had a lawyer that cared and fought for us in our case. Any time I need anything family related this will be my go to firm and I recommend them every chance I get. Epitome of integrity and awesome.”


  • A voice for our family.

    “We needed a lawyer (and a good one) immediately after CPS unlawfully took our kids from us. Dennis went above and beyond for us. He stayed late and worked QUICKLY to ensure our kids were removed from foster care and placed with family. After our kids were secure, Dennis and his team worked double time to prepare for our case, and they fought hard, methodically, and strong in the courtroom. I would recommend Slate and Associates 100 times over to anyone seeking a law firm to fight on their behalf. Our family was together for the holidays, and that wouldn't have happened without this team. We're forever grateful.”


  • I will never forget your dedication, kindness and support.

    “I first met Dennis Slate in 2013 after he was highly recommended to me by a close friend. In July 2013 my granddaughter's mother was arrested and charged with child endangerment of my grandchild (6 mos old). CPS was called and my family and the mother's family began an 18 month court case. Dennis Slate represented my family and the end result was that I received Sole Managing Conservatorship of my grandchild. Mr. Slate is very knowledgeable with the CPS system and how they work. If you ever get involved with CPS then you may want to consider Mr. Slate as your attorney. CPS can change your life forever and you will need an attorney who will fight for you and who knows the system. Mr. Slate will do all he can for the children involved and what is best for them. Six months after our CPS case was closed, I was again in need of help. I retained Mr. Slate to modify the visitation order of the parents of my grandchild, due to their bad choices and lifestyle. On Dec. 9, 2015 the judge granted the order to modify in the best interest of the child. My grandchild is a safe and happy 3 year old, It has been a 2 1/2 year journey for us and Dennis Slate has been there for us through it all the way. I can say without a doubt that if you are seeking legal representation then Mr. Slate is the attorney you want and need. He is straight up with you and will tell you exactly what he can or cannot do for you. He is very compassionate about his cases. He is the utmost professional in and out of the the courtroom and he is a BEAR when dealing with opposing counsel. Mr. Slate's staff is very friendly and helpful with all your needs and questions, especially Ryann. Ryann is the best and she went above and beyond to answer all my questions and concerns. She was there for me and all the craziness that went with my case. I cannot say enough about her except that she was awesome. Thank you Dennis Slate and all you have done so that we can now move forward with our lives. I will never forget your dedication, kindness and support.”

    Suzi C.